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"If there is no struggle,

there is no progresS."

Donald L. Dowridge, Jr is an expert on the life and history of Federick Douglass. His one-man show on the famous abolitionist spotlights Doulgass' triumphant life after slavery took a tremendous toll on his mental health. As Dowridge channels Frederick Douglass, he moves his audience to pivot today's African-American culture from a slave-mentality to an empowered-mentality. His riveting  performance weaves historical events into a future-focused shift for African-American societal progres.

Donald L. Dowridge, Jr. as Frederick Douglass

- Frederick Douglass

Catalyzing History

to Shift the Future

13 Years as The Incomparable Frederick Douglass


Even when Frederick Douglass became prominent, he still struggled with past traumas and obstacles. He wrote speeches with a rebellious mind and burning heart until the day he passed away. HE NEVER STOPPED AGITATING. 

...I encourage YOU to live beyond your traumas and fight for your dreams!

- Donald L. Dowridge, Jr.

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