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The Evolution of

Donald L. Dowridge, Jr.


In order to make a positive impact on today's society, Donald L. Dowridge, Jr. carved, weaved, and puzzled his way through a tumultuous child, youth, and early adult existence. He honors his family, mothers Audrey Best, Mary Rodgers and Uncle John Taylor, for being the driving forces that helped pull him through the darkest times of his life.

He filtered his way through the harshness of child abuse, gang warfare, incarceration, drug and alcohol abuse. Most importantly Dowridge overcome major sidelining issues with his self-esteem to stand ever so tall this day. After overcoming these obstacles, he finally received his High School Diploma and  Bachelors Degree in Business Marketing.

Dowridge with honesty gives these remarks about championing his educational quest. "Many times in the midst of accomplishing this feat, it was very challenging and it took me to levels that I was not prepared to travel to. Looking back it is one of the greatest accomplishments of my life!" 


Catalyzing his pain into purpose, Dowridge has been cited by numerous organizations as a leading youth and adult empowerment speaker for his ability to capture the attention of people as a whole and keep it real!  With that in mind, Dowridge's humor and infectious enthusiasm can convert an audience of sluggish skeptics into people rejuvenated by awareness of their own potential.


He inspires others as he generates success that transcends mediocrity, no matter what life places in our path. Dowridge's lectures consistently draw major attention throughout the country. He lectures at churches, schools, and colleges along with professional groups and executive leaders. 

In Loving Memory 


Mary Rodgers


Audrey Best

John Taylor

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